Nice Pack

Nice Pack

Nice Pack


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For those that have been working hard to stay on Santa's good side this year, we have our Nice Pack! A sweet, angelic pack containing our delectable Maple Whisky Bacon and our delicious Breakfast Bacon.

Our Maple Whisky, made in partnership with Starward Whisky, is malty and just a little sweet (a bit like you!). The perfect companion to pancakes, waffles or french toast, our Maple Whisky Bacon makes any brekkie heavenly!

Our Breakfast Bacon elevates anything it's put with, from eggs through to the turkey's stuffing! You might even hear the harps and angel's singing from afar.

Our bacon is made by hand in North Melbourne from 100% free-range, Victorian pork.

Our Nice Pack contains:

1 x Maple Whisky Bacon (200g)
1 x Breakfast Bacon (200g)