Saltsmith grew from our founders' unhealthy obsession with making ridiculously good bacon. After teasing our friends on facebook and instagram for years with photos of deliciousness, we decided to take the plunge and bring this obsession to you!

We love pushing the boundaries of the humble rasher, taking flavours to the extreme and making something that will give you a moment of pure sensorial bliss, making everything else around disappear. And ruining all other bacon for you forever. We love doing that too!


What makes us different?

 We treat making bacon like a pro sport. We obsess about each little thing. We make sure that we have the best of the best. We are constantly learning, testing and experimenting. Why? Well, simply, because we believe in making a product that is so god damn excellent that it will blow your mind.

First, we start out by sourcing high quality, free-range, Australian pork. Free range conditions makes for happier little oinkers, and they also use their muscles a whole lot more, increasing flavour in the meat.

We then begin turning the pork into your beloved bacon, breaking down each step of the process, and going to some crazy lengths to ensure we make the best bacon possible.

Our recipes have been tested, retested and refined until we are confident that this little packet of bacon will bend space and time for you, creating a moment where you and bacon become one.


Our ethics

We set out to deliver the best bacon in Australia, and to innovate along the way. We firmly believe that this focus cannot be limited to our end product, but to our entire supply chain. We ensure the animals we use come from farms using methods that we can stand behind. We source our meat from farms that are either free range accredited (APIQ), or that we have visited and seen the conditions that the animals live in, and meet the farmers raising the animals.

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact and work with innovative suppliers to support more sustainable solutions throughout our production and delivery process.