Extra Naughty Pack

Extra Naughty Pack

Extra Naughty Pack


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Our Extra Naughty Pack ups the badness (in the best possible way) by complimenting our Four Pepper and Breakfast Bacon with Brick Lane Brewing's Red Hoppy Ale!

Perfect your BBQ game with a stellar beer, some ridiculous bacon, and a little devil on your shoulder telling you to throw another (bacon-wrapped) shrimp on the barbie. 

Our Four Pepper always steals the show, whether it's by itself, in a lunchtime BLT or even hiding in your favourite pasta dish. Santa's not looking after you this year, but who needs Santa when you've got this in your face!

Our Breakfast Bacon is the perfect hangover cure. Banish the evils of the night before with some salty, smoky goodness. Oh and don't forget about our Extra Naughty Pack, which will help make the night before even better!

Brick Lane Brewing's Red Hoppy is a rich amber ale that lays down some complex malty flavours with hoppy and fruit flavours throughout! Perfect for after your Chrissy arvo food coma.

Our bacon is made by hand in North Melbourne from 100% free-range, Victorian pork.

Our Extra Naughty Pack contains:

1 x Four Pepper Bacon (200g)
1 x Breakfast Bacon (200g)
4 x Brick Lane Brewing Red Hoppy Ale (355ml @ 5.3% ABV)